Celebrating Resident Engagement in Community Decision Making

Quilt pic video

CDF is proud to launch a new video focused on the importance of involving residents in decision-making.

Engaging residents in the decision-making process on matters that affect their lives is one of the key factors that make a community vibrant.  This video was created to show the crucial role of residents through providing interviews, community success stories and clips of the 2015 CDF Learning Forum.  It also highlights the value of partnerships between residents and service providers and how agencies can support resident efforts.  The video is intended for resident leaders and service providers to ‘kick-start’ conversations on the different ways that residents can be involved. It also give examples of the many forms that decision-making can take; from elections to community-led initiatives.

CDF extends a warm thank you to Youth Active Media for creating the video and capturing these great stories.  Check it out:

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